OmegaT 2.5.5_02 and 2.6.0_04 Released

OmegaT standard version 2.5.5 update 2 and latest version 2.6.0 update 4 were released.

OmegaT is a free Computer Aided Translation (CAT) application. It runs on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

OmegaT is intended for professional translators. Its features include customisable segmentation using regular expressions, translation memory with fuzzy matching and match propagation, glossary matching, dictionary matching, translation memory and reference material searching, and inline spell-checking.

OmegaT shares many features with mainstream CAT tools. These include creating, importing and exporting translation memories, fuzzy matching from translation memories, glossary look-up, and reference and concordance searching.

OmegaT also has additional features that are not always available in other CAT tools. These include:

OmegaT can translate multiple files in multiple file formats simultaneously, and consult multiple translation memories,[6] glossaries and dictionaries (limited only by available computer memory).

With regard to supported file types, OmegaT allows the user to customise file extensions and file encodings. For a number of document types, the user can choose selectively which elements must be translated (e.g. in Writer files, choose whether to include bookmarks; in Microsoft Office 2007/2010 files, choose whether to translate footnotes; or in HTML, choose whether to translate ALT text for images). The user can also choose how non-standard elements in third-party translation memories should be handled.

OmegaT’s segmentation rules are based on regular expressions. Segmentation can be configured based on language or based on file format, and successive segmentation rules inherit values from each other.

In the edit window, the user can jump directly to the next untranslated segment, or go forward or backwards in history. Users can use undo and redo, copy and paste, and switch between uppercase and lowercase in the same way as one would in an advanced text editor. The user can choose to see the source text of segments that have already been translated. The edit pane also has inline spell-checking using Hunspell dictionaries, and interactive spell-checking is done using the mouse.

Users can insert fuzzy matches using a keyboard shortcut or using the mouse. OmegaT shows the degree of similarity in fuzzy matches using colours. OmegaT can also display the date, time and the name of the user who translated any given segment. Glossary matches can be inserted using the mouse. The user can choose to have the source text copied into the target text field, or to have the highest fuzzy match automatically inserted.

In the search window, the user can choose to search the current files’ source text, target text, other translation memories, and reference files. Searches can be case sensitive, and regular expressions can also be used. Double-clicking a search result takes the user directly to that segment in the edit window.
After translation, OmegaT can perform tag validation to ensure that there are no accidental tag errors.

OmegaT can calculate statistics for the project files and translation memories before the project starts, or during the translation to show the progress of the translation job.

OmegaT can get machine translations from Apertium, Belazar and Google Translate, and display it in a separate window.

The various windows in OmegaT’s user interface can be moved around, maximised, tiled, tabbed and minimised. When OmegaT starts, a short tutorial called “Instant Start” is displayed.

You can download the new version following the directions from
for standard and latest versions.


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